Signum Strings- A little known brand deserving of more attention

Tennis strings are becoming more and more advanced and offering much bigger benefits to a player’s game. They have so many different types and variants, that a player can custom choose exactly what they want from a string. The professional game is mostly dominated by Luxilon, which is known as the most premier polyester string [...]


Falling Short: Players who have not achieved their potential

I thought a fun idea for a post would be to discuss players who have fallen well short of their potential throughout their careers. Now some of these players have been plagued by injury, so it certainly isn’t their fault that they have not achieved as much as people expected of them, but I still [...]

The Overlooked Dark Horse of the Next Gen: Karen Khachanov

When I read about Karen Khachanov I’m amazed that more people aren’t talking about the young Russian. In fact, I would go as far as saying he is probably one of the least talked about members of the ATP ‘Next Gen’ - young players that are meant to be the future of tennis. I can [...]

Was Spin Effect Technology worth Wilson’s money?

The Background: When Wilson first announced the launch of Spin Effect Technology tennis enthusiasts went wild. Many people were very excited to try the new technology, as it promised to give such a large margin for error on topspin groundstrokes that many recreational players believed it would turn them into advanced intermediates or better. Others [...]

Hit or Miss: Wimbledon Player Outfits

It’s time to round up some of the best and worst outfits from this years Wimbledon. I’ll begin with ‘signature lines’ and then just pick the best known player wearing each brand to summarise lesser known brands or collections. Hit: Roger Federer - Uniqlo Aside from actual results on the court, Roger’s switch to Uniqlo [...]

Nike Zoom Cage 3 Shoe Review

  Fit: 4/10 A 4 out of 10 seems harsh on any review but I feel this one is justified. Rarely have I found a shoe as poorly designed as the Cage 3. The width of the shoe is pretty narrow throughout, but that is completely understandable and aligns with the usual fit of Nike [...]

Adidas Ubersonic 2.0 Shoe Review

Fit: 6/10 I found the Ubersonic 2.0 to be a mixed bag when it came to fit. Whilst the fit lengthways was perfect, the width varied massively. The heel area was a perfect fit again, and really locked me into the shoe at the back. It had great cushioning and was very squishy and comfortable, [...]

My Top 5 Overgrips

1: Wilson Pro A real standout overgrip and probably the most popular grip in use both on the pro tours and for recreational players, with just a few hits you can see exactly why this is the case. The grip is very tacky (as would be hoped) when first applied, but within the first couple [...]

Wilson Blade 98 18×20 Countervail

Power: 6/10 I found the latest Blade to be quite underpowered. So often I found myself overswinging just to try and get some pace on the ball. I also found that when I was getting the ball back, the lack of power meant I was being outhit and overpowered often. This is not a problem [...]

Head Graphene Touch Radical Pro

Power: 8/10 The Touch Radical Pro packs a punch, which is not the first time this can be said of the popular line from Head. Whether whipping up a heavy forehand or driving a backhand from behind the baseline, I felt I had more than enough power in all areas of the court. I particularly [...]